My Love For Names

I think my love for names started very young. Well maybe not so young, since all of my hamsters were called Harry, my black bunny was called Blackie, and my white bunny with red eyes was call, yep, Red Eyes.

That’s not to say I didn’t have favorite names when I was a kid. I had four, or rather, two. I wanted two kids, Andrea and Fernando. Or Fernando and Andrea. I wasn’t to picky.

Everything changed when I began writing stories. One day, I was around ten or eleven, I went with my dad to work. Since I did not have much to do I started writing a story. However, I could not get past the main character’s name. Nothing seemed to fit. Instead of writing the story, I spent an awful lot of time browsing the web in search of the perfect name for this character of mine. I did no find any, but the interest in names stuck with me.

For a while I just enjoyed making combos and searching for names on my own, going through the top 1000 lists when I didn’t have much else to do. Then one day, I discovered NameBerry and realized I wasn’t the only one obsessed with names. There was a whole community! I enjoy talking to people there about names, but I also love writing about names, so I created this blog.

Currently, I have a bunch of names I love (will post lists soon) even if I wouldn’t use it for future kids. And the last thing I named was my dog, Taffy. So maybe I haven’t changed much since my Harry and Blackie days…